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The Acreage Line Layout Journal

The Acreage Line layout is an homage to the creator of the real Acreage Line, Joachim Von Reinbek. Built on Acreage Lane in the very house in which he beat Melvin Meeker and Dutch Bill Howard at poker, cementing his plans to create one of the largest personal railways ever built. The layout's main touchstones - a main line, a yard, and even the helix - echo his actual accomplishments.
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9 • The Acreage Line

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We just got back from a few months on Maui. Our choice was to ride out the coronavirus in a 900sqft condo, or come back to our home in NoCal and lock the gate. No trains on Maui.

Some lingering installation issues were quickly addressed. The turntable now works, along with all the switches and occupancy detectors. A new widescreen monitor consolidates the iTrain and camera screens. The layout is done and fully functional in manual mode.

The first video below I made for friends who kept asking me what I was up to. The wiring wasn't cleaned up when I made this, so excuse the sloppiness.

The second video is an engineer's view of the layout.

Of course there is plenty more to do. General wiring cleanup remains, as well as all the measuring and calibration needed for full automation. But being on lockdown makes for lots of time.

I haven't told anyone about the RC gliders yet. Von Reinbek apparently collected airplanes, too. But that, as they say, is another story.
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